turning data into insights
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  • Learn how to generate data you can truly rely on and get the most out of it.
  • Embark on a journey from auditing and planning, via implementation and training to optimization with our analytics experts and proprietary technology solutions.
  • Continuously improve data mining and analysis for sustainable impact and long-term success.

At the very heart of every successful marketing campaign stands an iterative, data-driven process of continuous improvement. Our analytics, data expertise and proprietary technology collect and produce actionable insights that unify cross-channel reporting to power performance-based digital marketing and generate measurable results. Our data analytics professionals fully understand and immerse themselves into your business objectives to develop personalized and precisely targeted digital strategies. Leveraging data intelligence through our HeroBase Data Management tools, we are able to provide the full service range, from capturing data to customized analytics to efficient data application - tailored to your unique business needs.

5 steps
toward perfection

To ensure measurable and transparent results and turn data into insights, we follow a sophisticated 5-step approach in close collaboration with our customers.


We start our Audit phase with a Measurement Workshop with the client to gain deep insights into relevant data, processes and approaches. Most crucial, the quality of your data lays the foundation for your campaigns' success. Our expert team helps you to identify and fix any possible flaws and develop a customer-centric step-by-step approach to ensure that all data used is trustworthy and offers the most meaningful insights. Business Objectives, Goals and KPIs are defined together with the client to ensure crystal clear mutual expectations and allow for a success-driven collaboration. A Reporting Draft will be created and customized to the specific needs and use cases of the client.


A thorough Planning phase is key for an impactful implementation of measures and to determine success. Starting by creating a comprehensive Measurement Plan, we will move forward by defining Tracking objectives, Strategies, the Where, and the How, before structuring Analytics and GTM. The creation of a Reporting Mock-Up will be used to test and refine the priorly generated draft and move towards ideal reporting results crafted for the client's needs.


The creation of Implementation Specifications forms the very foundation of the Implementation phase. With our in-depth expertise and advisory capacity, we will assist the Implementation from the very beginning along every step in the process to ensure the right setup for the desired results. Our dedicated team is always available to support our clients with all necessary knowledge, help and vigor. Together, we will configure Analytics and GTM to the clients needs to create insightful and sound Reports.


After auditing, planning and implementing data flows that you can truly rely on, we enter an ample Training phase, conducting comprehensive Client Staff Training, covering fundamentals such as How to use Analytics and How to use Dashboards as well as focussing on the exact right features, metrics and actions that matter most for you and your business. Presenting our interactive and dynamic Dashboards that allow you to see all relevant information at a single glance in a comprehensible and impactful manner, we ensure that you become the expert to drive your business forward.


Continuous iterative and data-driven improvement builds the core of the Optimization phase. To allow for steady optimization, we will engage our client to develop deep understanding of the Web Analytics Cycle of Measure > Report > Analyze > Optimize. By diving deep into each step, we make sure that this process becomes second nature to them. Offering weekly or monthly Calls and Meetings to discuss reports, answer questions or give insights through analysis to further optimize our solutions, we will always make sure that our client receive the support they need to achieve the most satisfying, sustainable and impactful results!

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