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How Beauty Brands Can Build a Successful Strategy on YouTube


Girls never stop doing their very best to be beautiful! And that’s why businesses focused on beauty keep growing, even during a recession.

In this “red ocean” industry, the most successful beauty brands know that YouTube is the most important part of their brand-building strategy to penetrate their targeted market market quickly and with precision.

Social Media Examiner highlighted that video marketing will be a trend this year, pointing out that 73% of beauty brands increased their budget this year to devote entirely to video content creation.

Along with that statistic, YouTube reported that 200 million audiences engaged with videos focused on beauty.

With those kind of numbers, it’s no surprise why global beauty brands like Benefit, Maybeline, L’Oréal and NYX have been investing heavily on YouTube Campaigns.

"73% of beauty brands increased their budget this year to devote entirely to video content creation."

Here are reasons why YouTube Campaigns should be added to your next marketing plan.

1.The value of view on a YouTube Campaign

Obviously, various platforms try to launch many features to support video marketing. However, YouTube still is in first place when we speak about video marketing because its algorithm can detect and eliminate fraudulent views.

In the past, online marketers measured their performance with impressions (sometimes called a view or an ad view), this number is counted once ads were displayed on a website whether the audience saw it or not. However, YouTube measure its performance with viewability.

This is a huge advantage because an impression is only counted when someone actually sees your advertising.

2.Launch to the right target at the right time with your YouTube Campaign

It doesn’t make any sense if you create a stunning campaign but fail to deliver it to the right target.

YouTube allows you to hit the right target at the right time with extensive targeting options. You can filter through a wide array of targeting options, from demographic information to search behavior so that you can decide exactly who you want to see your ad.

YouTube allows you to hit the right target at the right time with extensive targeting options.

Using their “memorable moments” option as criteria such as a graduation ceremony or a wedding can generate better conversions too since these users tend to search more for cosmetic and beauty products

3.Tracking your YouTube Campaign

YouTube reports include detailed statistics in real-time so you can track campaign’s performance such as traffic sources or device usage and adjust your ad targeting to preferred audiences in the future.

According to YouTube’s report, their TrueView campaigns are able to convert more sales by 78% and attracted 3 times as many viewers as television. This is great news for any company, but especially those working in the beauty industry.

These numbers aren’t going away anytime soon so you should take advantage now – the number of online viewers across the globe is set to increase by 400% within the year 2021.

Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s easy to see why YouTube marketing is a must for beauty businesses.

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