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Thai Carbuyers Behaviour: Trust Online and Quick Buyers.

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Google and TNS revealed a survey regarding Thai consumers’ car purchasing behaviour at ‘Gearshift 2018 : Purchase Journey of Thai New Car Buyers’ event, which includes the influence of online media on decision making. Here are all interesting points you need to know.

True love is an illusion

The research in 2017 showed that Thais have 3 top-of-mind brands when thinking about car buying, but the number changed to 4.7 brands in 2018 when 60% of second car buyers wanted to try out a new brand. So, showrooms and car dealers need to launch touching marketing campaigns to ‘bring back’ these targets and ‘keep’ loyal customers in at the same time.

Quick buyers

From 3 months decision time, car buyers in 2018 needed just 2 months to make a purchase and 15% of them needed only 2 weeks to decide!

Moreover, car buyers will make an appointment with dealers a maximum of 3 times and 44% of them buy instantly after taking a test drive.

That’s why every online and offline touchpoint of car buyers is essential, especially ‘mobile’ which is the first platform customers are using to discover your brands. Forget the days when they would visit your showrooms to make a decision, now they discover you online.

Search and Video are the MUST!

When we talk about source, 99% of car buyers discover brands via Google and 96% found brands through online video. Moreover, the research pointed out that organic reach is never enough so marketers need to launch campaigns on YouTube as well, adding car buyer favourite content like a model’s innovative functions or exclusive promotions.

Impressive Websites

In 2018, the vast majority of car buyers, 88 percent, researched via brand websites before making a decision, compared with 46% the previous year. While dealer websites rank in 6th place as a trustworthy source, a climb of 36% this year.

It shows that aside from buying Google and YouTube campaigns, marketers are required to develop a website and create a Landing Page to ensure clients will not drown in information and find your products interesting.

As discussed so far, we can see that digital media is a powerful platform to influence car buyers at every touchpoint. Whilst the decision making process has been shortened. Customers have become quick thinkers, you need to be quicker in order to capture sales.

Delivering messages through the right channel at the right time might be essential but what’s more important is that you speed ahead of competitors.

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