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Online Homebuyer Behaviour on Google Search Revealed

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Are you done with impractical theories and online marketing courses yet? Many online marketers find themselves failing to generate any leads for their real estate businesses despite studying hundreds of courses. Why does this happen?

One possible answer is that perhaps you have forgotten someone very important to your business… Yeah! Your customer of course! What do homebuyers really think about when they’re looking for a home? What do they really want to know on Google Search? What is really driving them to make a purchase?

Today, Heroleads is going to explore the homebuyer purchasing process and figure out what buyers expect from Google Search, before and during the purchasing process.

Online Search - Where homebuyers start their research.

Remember how we looked for a house back in the day? Driving through the prospective areas, finding OHM (Out of Home Media) advertisements, approaching salespeople at show galleries, and then bringing  all the information back to make a decision. All of these were changed by digital technology… Today, around 90% of homebuyers search the internet as the primary source, and not only the internet but they also search via mobile applications, Google Maps and chat platforms but all process start with Google Search ( especially for first homebuyers the digital channel was widely used).

Moreover, The average person will enter eleven different searches before trying to purchase a home.

Making a decision process - what’re they expect.

According to Search-Engine giant Google, All trending keywords which homebuyers search via Google are related to the top concern: affordability i.e. how much house/condo they will be able to afford, which house/condo would fit their needs. Whereas 60% of homebuyers will search online through all the different websites of real estate agents but 40% percent would wait 1 to 3 months on average before they actually made contact with an agent or broker.

Our experienced online marketers at Heroleads added that besides price and suitability, homebuyers are also concerned with the nearby location and transportation so they would search ‘condo near xxx department store’ ‘house close to motorway’ or ‘reach Sukhumvit within XX minute via BTS’.

We conclude that customer insight is key for online marketers to launch their campaign to targeted customers via Google Search and allow them to find you at the right moment. However, homebuyer insight is complicated and fast-changing so our optimiser team dedicates one team to keep an eye on them. We collect all customer insight, professionally analyse and drive your campaign to success online. Don’t hesitate and consult our experts today!


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