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Instagram just took Online Purchases to the Next Level

shopping tag, instagram

Instagram added Shopping Tags to its Instagram Stories and allows business to attach product’s description and prices on images. This will lead to a huge improvement to the selling opportunity for brands.

In North America and Europe Instagram addition of Shopping Tags to its Instagram Stories spiked the excitement of business users. And it should, the feature allows business to add product descriptions and pricing directly on the image. This has a dramatic effect on the user click through rates. Bringing users from Instagram and into websites to purchase items. Now, Adidas and Louis Vuitton international are executing this feature.

Shopping Tags are developed to serve retail businesses and shopaholics everywhere. People don’t have to take time to send a private message. Instead, they are able to simply click on the Tag and they’re transfer to the product page where they can buy immediately.

shopping tag, ig

In 2016, Shopping Tags were initially announced in USA and widely spread to Brazil, Canada, British, Australia, France, German, Spain and Italy earlier this year. Now it was added to Instagram Stories. On the shopping bag icon, user can click to access the product’s description and instantly purchase it with an in-app payment method.

shopping tag, ig

This feature aims to service leading brands who have a great number of followers on Instagram. Research carried out by Instagram earlier this year found that 300 million out of 800 million users log into Instagram Stories on a daily basis and follow the brand they love to explore new products.

Shopping Tags are now free to use and you may find it to be the newest and best way to catch the attention of your ideal audience in the age of digital disruption. For Thailand, we’ll have to wait to see when we’re finally able to use this highly effective feature