HeroInfluencer: activate and engage your audience through influencers

  • Create authentic, engaging and shareable content consumed by hundreds of thousands each day to build a network of true brand advocates.
  • By leveraging in-depth analyses of an influencer’s performance and follower base, we reach your target group more precisely than ever before.
  • Enlarge your reach, multiply engagements, and increase conversion and retention rates through data-driven, hand-picked influencers that fit your brand values and your customer interests.



92% of customers trust recommendations from influencers more than they trust a brand itself. Organic conversation leads to higher customer engagement, driving both awareness and conversion.

Integrated in Heroleads as a fully-managed solution, HeroInfluencers utilizes our in-house expertise in marketing and big data to deliver customized, high-impact Social Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Our rich influencer database enables us to segment influencers on in-depth follower demographics utilizing metrics such as Age, Gender, Location, Interests, Language, Brand Affinity, Marital Status, Parental Status, Occupation and Income. With a powerful recommendation engine, we find the perfect influencers for your your campaign goals and target audience. Each type of influencer delivers a unique piece of content that we allow you to integrate seamlessly into your marketing campaign.

Utilizing in-depth performance data to create visually appealing and insightful performance dashboards, we take reporting to new levels. Tracking metrics such as Reach, Impressions, Engagements, Sales and Spend per channel, influencer, post and over time, we are able to measure Social ROI, Influencer Market Value (IMV), Cost per Impression (eCPM), and Cost per Engagement (CPE). Real-time analysis enables us to adjust your campaign flexibly to your unique needs. By sharing these metrics with our clients, we boost transparency and leverage understanding of not only the effectiveness and success of a campaign but also social influencer marketing as a whole.

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Online Marketing Consultant

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