• Simple.
  • Flexible.
  • Powerful.

    • In today's digital age, consumers have an abundance of incentives to purchase the variety of products and services available resulting in ineffective marketing efforts. Therefore, your marketing message needs to be highly personalized and targeted in order to be noticed by consumers.

      HeroAutomation gives you a flexible and intuitive marketing platform that integrates all the necessary tools to increase your leads through effectively executed actions based on behavioral data.

      Fully Integrated Marketing Engine

      An environment for the creation, management and automation of marketing processes and conversations across online and offline channels. Think of this as the "orchestra conductor" for your customer interactions.

      Simple and Organized Platform

      Keep all your marketing data with an easy-to-use and organized platform that enables you to segment and target the right message to each customer. Think of this as "system of records" for all your marketing information.

      Relevant Metric-Based Reporting Tool

      A way to test, measure, and optimize marketing ROI and impact on revenue. Think of this as the place you go to understand what worked and what didn't, in order to efficiently allocate your resources.

      Personalized and Powerful Scheme

      Engage leads in a one-on-one approach that allows you to empower your actions and communication with your current and potential customers. Think of this as an ongoing expert support for your marketing strategy execution.

      Flexible Operating System

      Integrate other applications that your business is already using. Incorporate their data in your marketing automation strategy, and have all the functions and relevant information in one place. Think of this as a perpetual symposium that allows your company to consider different perspectives to make better decisions.

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